Access by design. Design to include all people.


Design is a powerful tool and profoundly influences our everyday lives.

At All IN we are passionate about design and about people. By adopting an inclusive design philosophy we consider the potential abilities of diverse people. Our aim is to design environments that allow all people to move around and experience them as independently and as freely as possible.

As interior designers, we work hard to craft interior spaces and environments that are beautiful and pleasant to occupy. As inclusive designers, we ensure these environments are accessible to all.

As accessibility consultants we audit existing or proposed environments to uncover barriers to persons with disabilities. We work purposefully to intersect the too often separate worlds of disability and design. We believe disability can inspire design and make recommendations that innovate and intrigue.

As design educators, we love to talk about design and interrogate design proposals. We find it satisfying to guide young designers through a process of iteration. We celebrate with them when they arrive at a convincing, poetic and people-centred product. As All IN we extend this service to design practitioners looking for a soundboard as a form of peer-review.

As academics, we love to research and enrich our appreciation of design. We find discovering intersections between design and seemingly unrelated fields thrilling. As All IN we extend this service to built environment practitioners requiring research on a project-determined topic. We enjoy producing rigorous, yet accessible, reports and revel in the extra challenge of distilling research into simplified infographics and storyboards – perfect for communication with investors and clients.



WE INCLUDE ALL. We compile and conduct access audits tailored to your project’s needs, including best practice and legal compliance. With every audit we provide an access strategy, complete with inclusive design recommendations. We can design remedial and/or retrofit solutions.


WE ARE INTERIOR DESIGNERS. We offer interior design and inclusive design services. We design retail, hospitality, corporate and residential environments.  Our expertise includes the adaptive reuse of existing spaces and heritage.  Our goal is to create beautiful designs usable by everyone.


WE ADVOCATE, INFORM AND EQUIP. Through training we create awareness of the interaction between people and the built environment.  Our courses are designed to be fun, engaging and interactive. We cover various topics, such as disability awareness, universal access, inclusive design, legal compliance and best practice.


Regardless of the project, we always design inclusively, anticipating the needs of diverse people.

Access audits & inclusive design strategies
Spatial design & planning
Design reviews & workshops
Graphics, signage & wayfinding
Furniture & product design
Vertical & Horizontal Circulation
Sanitary Facilities (toilets) & Ablutions
Emergency Egress
Materials & Finishes
Colour & Lighting
Acoustics & Noise

We take time to get to know you, the project and the people we will design for through a free consultation.


Our access audits and design solutions are tailored and inclusive. Creating beautiful environments and products.

Project Specific Solutions

We consider diverse people, context, best practice and legislation, technology, cost and time.



We love meeting new people, understanding their needs and learning from them.  We enjoy working with a diverse range of clients

Built environment professionals
Facility managers
Developers & business owners
Medical & paramedical practitioners
Local communities
Staff training